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What will it be Rondo

Posted by shawn cassidy on January 25, 2014 at 5:30 AM

Have you ever had a moment where a song or movie make sense? They feel real, not like your pretending. They make you believe in happy endings, and even in destiny, but there are also cruel moments that detour you onto another exit. I could step back and become cynical if you want.  Happy endings don't exist, no matter how much we insist to believe that they do. They're just made up in our minds to allow us to escape from what's real.

Someone always has to make a sacrifice to have a happy ending of some kind, that could be cynical as well. But I do believe in happy endings. I will be that corny, especially when it comes to Rondo's happy ending. I want to be selfish, I want him to stay in Boston. Is Rondo worth star money like Ainge said? Yes, but what does Rondo want? He'll get paid, handsomely at that, but at what cost? What is Rondo's happy ending? A fat contract, or a hand full of rings? That's assuming Rondo is able to lead this team back to the Finals, and to seal the deal there.

Rondo said he likes to stick to the script, and after all this time, I know he's not blowing smoke. This guy is an old soul in a young mans body. Yes, Rondo has made some mistakes, but I also believe Rondo is a wise young man. I also believe he's loyal, and he's all about routine. I just don't see Rondo leaving, unless Ainge beeps it up.

Making Rondo the captain was a sign that the Celtics want to stay committed to Rondo. Maybe Ainge looked into Rondo's eyes, and made him feel like the only one. I hope Ainge wasn't that cruel, I hope Ainge communicated what he felt. Instead of keeping Rondo second guessing. So what about Rondo being happy about the money, like I had alluded to.


“That's from Danny? I’m making star money now. It’s a pretty good business,” Rondo said. “I’ll let my agent handle those terms.”

“I like to stick to the script. I don’t like change much. I wouldn’t mind staying here the rest of my career. Things don’t always seem to go that way. It’s a business. But I wouldn’t mind extending another 10 years if possible.”

If Rondo believes that he makes star money, does that mean he's cool with an extra couple of million, to keep some cap space for the Celtics to add players around him? I do hope so, and that goes back to what is Rondo's happy ending? Will it be the cash or the rings?

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Reply Morena
7:56 AM on January 25, 2014 
I love the fact that he said he's already making all star money.
That's good news for the Celtics.
I hope he wants to win more than anything, but when you start talking about business, you never know
Reply paul
10:24 AM on January 25, 2014 
Great piece. The philosophical questions about happy endings are deep,but so a propos. We'll see on the defensive end how determined to lead this team Rondo really is. I think it's as simple as that.
Reply jlil89
1:47 PM on January 25, 2014 
I do like the acknowledgement of the defense lacking at the moment. That right there is a great sign. I am happy that Stephen's will not be coddling his players like did so many times to his veterans. Brad tells it how it is with positive reinforcement and expects results on the court.

No nonsense or lackadaisical play. All business.
Reply paul
4:10 PM on January 25, 2014 
D is the key

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