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C's Playbook: Game 1 @ Miami Part 2 (Updated)

Posted by shawn cassidy on November 3, 2012 at 10:50 AM

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Stay tuned for the Bucks game, and Wizards game.

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Reply paul
7:11 AM on November 4, 2012 
Thankyou, Shawn. That was a weird game. I was struck by the way KG had position inside on the first play in your rundown, but Rondo didn't get him the ball. I think Lee ended up scoring, but I think Rondo should have delivered the ball to KG. I think that play explains a lot of how the game went. On another play, Rondo was double teamed out on the perimeter, and the others just stood around as Rondo dribbled his way out of it. My god, these guys were chasing him into the backcourt! I know Miami rotates better probably than any team we've ever seen, but do we have to make it so freaken easy for them? When you pg is being double-teamed in the backcourt, by heaven you should be able to break down that defense and get some slams. There's really no excuse for this crap. One guy is consistently attracting double and triple teams, even in the freaking backcourt, and the others just stand around? What the hell is wrong with this team?

And on defense, there was a lot of very lazy rotation, I think. This defense is predicated on guys being able to stick with their man more than they've done in the past, so the D can't be broken down as easily. But guys were getting blown by on D, and other guys were rotating when they didn't need to, not recovering, and so on. And that all started with Chalmers. On one play, Chalmers blew by Rondo, the D collapsed, and Lebron ended up with a wide open three. On another play, Wade cut to the basket and Chalmers threw him a great pass, but where was Rondo's D on Chalmers? Rondo was playing passive, reactive D, not pressuring him, not trying to force him away from what he wanted to do, not even getting his hands in the air to obstruct a pass.

I know it might sound like a contradiciton when one says 'play aggressive D but dont' get blown by'. Well, I think one is less likely to get blown by when one plays aggressive D. If you lay back and play reactive D against a team like Miami, really against any team, but especially Miami, they'll blow your freaking doors off. It's a tribute to the talent we have that the Heat didn't blow us out and that we were in a position to possibly take the game with minutes to go.

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