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The Celts are full of apathy

Posted by shawn cassidy on January 24, 2013 at 12:40 AM

Meet the moon, the stars, the sun, leave reality for a moment.  The Celtics have a practiced apathy these days. Enthusiasm seems lost in space. I've gone blank, and empty an overdose of apathy from the C's. Your apathy is painful, for it sticks an arrow in our hearts. The Celtics play our hearts like a harp.

Every season becomes a new snowflake, another math problem that you can't wrap your mind around. This season felt different. It was supposed to play out in a way that gave us more hope. We seemed to get everything in the off season. We re-signed KG, and we brought Terry in to replace Allen, and Lee was supposed to help aid the loss of Bradley for the early part of the season, and he was supposed to help Terry with the load of back-up duties.

Green was the x-factor, and Bass was supposed to pick up where he left off. The Celtics even signed Dooling, but he decided to hang up his sneakers. The Celtics brought in three centers in the off season. Wilcox retunred after major heart surgery, and the C's also brought in Darko, and Collins. Those bigs were supposed to give the Celtics major strength up front. Through in Sully, and the Celtics had the deepest team in the East. Sully was a major wildcard, and he's paid off nicely.

As for the trio of centers. Wilcox has been hurt for most of the season, Darko didn't make it past November because of family problems. Collins was the weaker of the three, and he's played off, and on, but not really want the Celtics need. He even started for a short while.

I think you get the picture of how this season was supposed to pan out. It's early in the season, and the Celtics have turned things around before, and hell they were close this season already, but they have fallen back once again. Now we have a coach calling for players plain tickets, and we have guys throwing teammates under the bus. It's gone south quick. Title contenders before the season started, and now a bubble team in the Eastern Conference.

It is morning and I am hurting. Standardized 8 hours of empty thought for some, but restless nights have plagued me for the past three months. As I slept the world turned to face the sun. I was fortunate enough to see it rise over the horizon while peeking from under the covers. Not yet ready to leave my fabricated nest to embrace its comfort I reach for the snooze button.This season has been one long snooze button. When is it time to wake up?

The Celtics are the giants that sleep. They seem to be waiting for the right moment. I have been down on this team. And last season I was feeling different about the slow start. This season was full of expectations, and we thought the Celtics learned that game seven on the road sucks. The talent on this team should have gotten through games like Detroit, and Cleveland, but they haven't. Maybe it's this teams destiny. They have shocked us before, and you know what I think It might just happen again.

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1 Comment

Reply paul
6:33 AM on January 24, 2013 
And isn't it a bit shocking that Avery Bradley is the first to throw a teammate under the bus, and it's Rondo! Our best player and supposed leader! I think Bradley wants Rondo's job. And the fans all seem eager to throw Rondo under the bus too. If Rondo had ever tweeted what Bradley did about a teammate, they'd rip his head off for being a terrible teammate. But Bradley can do no wrong, and Rondo can do nothing right. His game is under a microscope all the time. But Rondo doesn't help by not playing defense. Well, it's not that simple. Part of it is that his approach to defense is a little bit different. It's not just gambling and poking the ball - which he does a LOT better than his critics acknowledge. It's also that he is always playing in terms of expecting interlocking defensive rotations that just aren't happening. Why can't he, as a leader, recognize that the current makeup of the team requires better defensive man-to-man pressure from him? Fans and media are so merciless. On the play that beat the Cs, Rondo confronted Irving high above the circle. Irving beat him off the dribble, and Rondo should be ashamed of that, but who confronts Irving so close that far out? Rondo should have stopped him, but that was gutsy D. Why was the help so late in arriving? Is this a team or not? Why don't fans see that Rondo DID make the tough defensive effort there, but help didn't come? Who stops Irving one-on-one? Larry Bird and Kevin Mchale together got eaten up by Magic Johnson on one game winning play in 1987 that Cs fans will never forget. Rondo took it to Irving on the perimeter on that play, and rightfully expected help when Irving got past him, which never came. Look at the play where he passed it from out of bounds to Irving. Again, where was the help? Rondo ran the length of the floor to track down a great deflection Sully had made. Where were teammates for him to get the ball back into. WHY IS IT ALWAYS RONDO'S FAULT? Yes, Rondo is the leader, but we've given him exactly three months to make this team a winner,and now we are cutting his head off. So did we NEVER intend to give Rondo a real chance? Is that the truth of the matter?

All that said, Rondo, stop killing your fans this way. You got burned like a torch by Irving, and it's not the first career game, so to speak, that opposing pgs have hit you with this season. We've seen opposing pgs look like allstars again and again. We know you carry a big load for this team. We know you may need more frequent rest. Doc may have to be a bit more flexible about his substitution patterns. If Doc is capable of being flexible. But man, we need you to be more aggressive as a defender. The root of this team is defense. You've got to slow down the advance of the ball and play much tougher D on your man. Perk and the younger KG aren't back there.

Great piece, Shawn. This team is playing badly, and everyone wants to blame it on our best player, Rondo.

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