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Despite the hype about being better without Rondo, the team knows better

Posted by shawn cassidy on February 4, 2013 at 6:40 PM

Doc has said it, and Danny has said it, and frankly most of Rondo's teammates have sounded off on the matter. In no way shape or form are these Celtics better without Rondo. In the moment they do things better perhaps, but long term will it last. Can they actually beat the best teams without him? If you think the Celtics could have turned the season around with Rondo, and reach the finals you would be right. That could have happened. But if you tell me this team would win without Rondo.

I wouldn't buy it. The east is weak in certain areas. The Bulls have played without Rose all season, and they have a solid record. What happens when he comes back? Plus if they can do it without Rose. Can the Celtics do it without Rondo? The Celtics have a long way to go before this team can be called better without Rondo, and honestly they're not better without him. But they can still win without him, because they have changed who they are a bit, and most teams don't have them scouted without Rondo.

Yes they move the ball better, and the defense has been stronger. Rondo is one of the greatest defensive players in the game, but he frankly had a bad year on that end. Maybe when he returns he digs down again on that end.

“I wouldn’t say that all,” said  Courtney Lee, who replaced Rondo in the C’s starting lineup. “Rondo’s an All-Star. Any time you can add an All-Star to your team, your team is going to be better, so we definitely miss Rondo. We don’t look at it as we’re better off without Rondo, I think we came together and we’re playing hard for Rondo.”

“We’re just moving the ball a lot more, getting everybody involved,” said Lee. “Rondo was our primary playmaker, so he would make plays for everybody else and he would rack up assists, but with the personnel everybody else’s game is more moving, catching and attacking — and playing sets — so that’s what we’ve been able to do.”


Rondo pushed hard for Lee over the summer. I didn't work out like they planned, and reports came out about Lee being unhappy with Rondo. Lee says it. Rondo made plays for the guys, so the ball movement wasn't like it is now. This season has come down to one thing. Let's do it for Rondo. How real that is in the locker room? Who knows, but I hope it's the case, and I hope the loss of Rondo has motivated them to work harder.

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Reply paul
10:07 PM on February 4, 2013 
I think it's quite obvious that a whole lot of people on this team couldn't wait for Rondo to be gone. Of course they aren't going to come straight and say that they were giving less effort as long as he was there. But read between the lines. Look at the phrase "rack up the assists". What is Lee trying to convey with that? It's not a very friendly way of putting it, is it?

Look at the fact that everytime someone explains why they miss Rondo: they always say that it is because he is "an all star guard". They don't talk about why he was actually important to them, or if they do, it's in the most reductive ways ("he handled the ball"). They played like crap until he got injured, and then turned it on? That's damning. If one person did it, maybe. So what are they really saying? Think about it. They are saying that they don't actually miss him. You don't miss someone just because he has a label on him.

So we are talking about six or seven people all at once finding their games, and claiming that it's because they are finally getting the ball, which everyone pretends isn't the same as saying that Rondo was in their way. So, basically, they just couldn't play ball until they got the ball away from Rondo? But see, they aren't dissing Rondo. Oh no.

I mean, the pretenses and fake sad faces are all so clownish.

And Pierce. Wow. Literally bobbling the Knicks game away TWICE, and now suddenly he's Mr. Clutch? What a miracle.

Buy the lies if you want folks. I'm done with this team. To hell with them. I'll wait for these back stabbers to be cleared out. I don't root for just a uniform. The people wearing the uniform matter to me. I don't like the people wearing Celtics green right now. I won't root for them.

I'll stop talking about it. I'll stop commenting. I know you all don't want to hear me say this stuff. But sweet Jesus, folks, if Lee's comments don't set off your bullshit detector, then I don't know what to say.

I love where Lee says that Rondo 'made the plays for everyone else'. Actually, Courtney, that's not how it was supposed to work, and you damn well know it. Making plays was something you were equally responsible for. A passer can't make good passes without other people making good plays, alert plays, involved plays. They are responsible to make those plays, and to hit good shots. Funny how you sorta just didn't that stuff very much. Not till Rondo went down. You and a bunch of other guys who suddenly are so miraculously enlivened.

So, no, I won't root for these folks. They can win a championship, but it won't mean anything to me. Just a number.

Best wishes all. It's been good.
Reply Morena
2:43 AM on February 5, 2013 
I can totally understand.
The people who wears the uniform matter to me either, that's why I'm so mad at this team.
Right now, I'm just curious to see out all this will sort out.
Reply paul
6:27 AM on February 5, 2013 
Morena says...
I can totally understand.
The people who wears the uniform matter to me either, that's why I'm so mad at this team.
Right now, I'm just curious to see out all this will sort out.

It will be interesting to see, won't it? The way they are playing is great. I admit that. How long can they sustain it? KG and Pierce seem TOTALLY locked in. Bradley is such an incredible dynamo. I think Bradley has shown that he has unbelievable strength of will.

I don't like them, though. I don't care. I'm mildly interested, but I don't care. I love the Celtics, but that doesn't mean I love every Celtics team.

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