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An era plagued by injury

Posted by shawn cassidy on February 15, 2013 at 5:30 AM

Misfortune is… A goal unaccomplished. A challenge unmet, and a  dream never realized. Misfortune is disappointment. Injuries have been one of the top five words in this era. Defense is one of them, old farts another, and  the 'Big three' one more, and underdogs to top it off. Wisdom plays the voice of reason. Reason slaps the hand of hope. With every injury the hope of another banner dwindles. Hope rides the wave of faith into the ocean.

Faith moves the wall of fear.Fear greets the face of life. Life spins the wheel of uncertainty.Where it stops who really knows. Teams have taken advantage of each misfortune that the Celtics have endured. During the 2009 season the Celtics may have been more flawed than the championship team from a year before, but if you look at the landscape of who won the Eastern Conference, and how they won. The Celtics, and Magic went to seven games in the second round. First of all, would that series have gone seven with KG in that series? If it did go seven games. Do you think that a KG lead Celtics team would lose game seven at home? I don't think so.

The Magic beat the Celtics in game seven, and they went on to pick apart the Cavs who were favorites to win the East. The Celtics would have exposed James and the Cavs much like they did in 2010. I'll go out on a limb, and say that the Celtics would have beaten the Lakers in the Finals as well. When we look back at this era. We may look to that first season were everything seemed to fall apart. The Celtics rallied around each other, and they simply ran out of gas against the Magic. 

The 2010 Celtics shocked the world, and they ended an era in Cleveland with an upset for the ages. Rondo became the best player on the Celtics taking the torch. He out played arguably the best player in the NBA. Rondo out worked, and out smarted James in the second round upset. The Celtics advanced to the Finals to square  off against the Lakers for a second time in three years.

The Celtics would take a series lead of 3-2 going back to LA. In game six the series may have ended before the Celtics even hit the floor in game seven. Perk went down in game six, and it changed the series instantly. The Celtics had a chance to win game seven, but the Celtics were out manned up front, and the rebounding paid off big for the Lakers. Another injury that the Celtics were able to take advantage of.The Celtics lost game seven 83-79, and I'm still haunted to this day. More than any loss in this era.

What else can you say about the 2011 Celtics team? They started the season strong, and they faded towards the end when injuries,and new players killed their consistent play. When Marquis went down it changed how Danny felt about the team. Danny gambled, and lost. He was banking on Shaq returning, and JO as well. Jermaine came back later, but because Danny thought Shaq was coming back. He traded Perkins for Jeff Green, and that may or may not be the biggest reason the Celtics lost in 2011. I think it was Wade's take down on Rondo that eliminated the Celtics. Rondo's injury changed the series. The Celtics were down 2-1 in the series, and the Celtics lost a close  game 4 to the Heat in overtime at home. Rondo wasn't very effective, and Doc had to take him out. In the fifth game of the series. Boston had another lead late in the 4th until the Heat made a huge run. Another injury that leaves all of us guessing what could have been.

The 2012 season  was more of the same really. The Celtics were without Jeff Green, and they lost Wilcox, and Jermaine O'neal for the season. The biggest blow happened when the Celtics lost Bradley in the middle of the second round. What could have been if Bradley played in the Heat series, and even Jeff Green for that matter. It's been a great era, but we lost out on a dynasty in my mind.

This season the Celtics face a similar hurdle as they did in 2009. We didn't know during the season that the Celtics would be without KG in the playoffs, but the odds were stacked very high then, and it is now without Rondo. 

What's done is done I guess. You can't go back and change what has happened. Every haunts me.  It's time to move on. That's what I want to believe at least.  You can't rearrange the past, and denial doesn't work.  We've paid the  price as fans. We invest time, and energy, and it's time to proceed.  Unsteady as it seems. We'll l rise above anything.  It feels like we're grasping. At a big ball of string.One string at a time. One day at a time. 

The book hasn't been written for this season, and the way things have gone. Nothing surprises me anymore. What ifs destroy are minds. They keep us up late, and they poison are day-to-day lives.  We deal with what ifs every day of our lives. Injuries have ruled this era, and it's nothing new to the Celtics. The end of the Bird era was dominated by injury, and hell if the Celtics were healthy in the 1987 Finals. The Celtics may have beaten the Lakers.

The resistant Celtics don't go easy into the night. They keep us glued to the game, and to the team. They continue to encourage us, and to inspire us. I hope when this era ends that Rondo has teammates that can keep Celtic pride going. In closing. This era will be remembered for the 2008 title, and the rebirth of Celtics basketball. The third thing that most people  will remember is the misfortune that the Celtics have suffered since raising banner 17.

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Reply Franklin
1:02 PM on February 15, 2013 
Great write up. Its been a misfortunate era.

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