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The day has come to say farwell

Posted by shawn cassidy on July 12, 2013 at 5:15 AM

Most of us have made peace with it. We have moved on, or so we want to think that way. It's been about two weeks for us all to process the fact that Paul Pierce won't be in the Garden this fall. If he is, it will be in the visitors locker room. The next time KG does his routine before tip it will be in the white and black of Brooklyn.

I can't grasp what I'm feeling. I just can't seem to talk about it the way I want. You're really leaving? Is this what it feels like. For years Danny flirted with the idea, and now it's real. By the time you read this, the paperwork will be finalized, and the headlines will be posted everywhere for all to see. The ticking of time has painfully become a past time. Time is running right out of the clock. It's gone. I've never felt this way before, or at least for sometime about players.

When I'm mad sad or just out of sync. I put on an old game, which I have been doing every night. My mind goes into space,and it has become a form of medication for the past 6 years, and honestly basketball has always been my therapy.
How can I say that saying goodbye is right?  When I feel so numb right now all over again, like I was reliving draft night all over again. I have choose the right thing? This was for the best for the Celtics, and for the new face of the franchise Rajon Rondo.

But why am I so sad right now? I know that this is the right thing now. But how can I say that this is the right thing in the future? I know I can't hold the time that's been so precious for all of us.  I Know I can't stop the situation or even their destiny..But this single act, can change our destiny as fans. Danny's choice to part ways with the captain and KG.

The real answer to all of this? We have been blessed. When I think how all of us love the Celtics. Were lucky to have fallen for a franchise with so much history, pride, and passion. The definition has changed through the years, but the core of it all lived through Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. The time has come, we know it but, I didn't want to admit it, neither did you, this hurts a lot more than I thought it would. Even though I hurt, I'm excited for this new era to start. With a fresh new coach, and a talented All-Star point guard ready to show the world who Rondo is.

For the past two weeks, I feel regret that I didn't soak up Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett long enough. A 6 year period is long,but it felt short. Our time together with the 'Truth',and the 'Big Ticket' is nearing it's end. It feels like this was far away, down the road.  Now were heart broken and it feels like it won't mend. A Bitter sweet goodbye is here today.Some will take this  harder than others.  While others are easier to adapt to what is ahead.  I Never thought this day would come by.Only to have a bitter sweet goodbye.

We have a new chance in Boston. Danny was able to set up the Celtics, and Paul and Kevin with a chance to win one more together. From the start,both of these guys have been the glue, and were the glue that held this team together. Kevin was a great mentor for Rondo, and I hope Rondo was wise to listen and watch. This is goodbye, and everything that has happened in Paul's era, and when  KG's started in 2007 has been a lasting memory that won't be lost in time, but redefined , and held as something great. Just as simple as great.

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Reply paul
10:01 AM on July 12, 2013 
I feel that KG and Pierce had a lot to do with the way this played out. Especially Pierce. IT's very sad, like the way what happens to families is sad.
Reply Greg
1:39 PM on July 12, 2013 
Good post. This was sad,it all happen so fast. Sadly KG gave the okay for a trade,but I'm sure when Danny brought up the idea,and sold it,KG had to say yes.
Reply rcraig617
8:03 PM on July 12, 2013 
I was reading and the nets said J kidd and Deron Williams had to do alot of talking to KG to convince him. Either way Paul has been a celtic since i've watched basketball and the past couple of weeks I still haven't had it hit me that he won't be playing for us next year. I've been a fan of his throughout the stabbing and all of the losing we had and it's gonna be weird watching him in another uniform.

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