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Are the Nets destined to beat the Heat?

Posted by shawn cassidy on July 15, 2013 at 5:30 AM

Destiny is a word that had more meaning to me when I was growing up. What does destiny mean to me now? Actually,physically  working towards a goal, as hard as you can. Throwing around the word destiny when your younger is just a calming effect that helps you move along through whatever adversity, or issues that come your way. The word means nothing, because it was you who worked hard to beat the adversity. For the new Nets squad, they will face a team that seems destined to win a third title in a row in the Heat. Some believe the Nets could be a team of destiny after bringing in KG who can change a teams culture overnight, and Pierce who can adapt like a cat. The Nets also brought in Kirilienko who will round off their team nicely.

The one thing that should scare the Heat is the fact that the Nets owner is willing to pay anything to win a NBA championship. The team's payroll has hit $102,967,697,and wait until they get the luxury tax bill. The Nets from top to bottom have some kind of answer for the Heat. The only thing they're missing is a guy who can guard,or try to guard James. Paul Pierce can't do it all game long. Kirilenko will have to help out there.  The Nets have an answer for everything besides James, and who really does. have an answer for him At the end of the day the Nets will have to build a chemistry like any team who wants a title, and they have a rookie coach in Jason Kidd. It's either a good, or bad thing that he's freshly retired. Will find out soon. I think it's a good thing.

If you thought West and Hibbert had a field day against Miami. What about KG, and Lopez along with Blatche who has become a solid player, and with KG around to aid him even more, that will be deadly. Of course the big question is this. We all know this question,we had to listen to it for years. How much can KG and Pierce give this coming season. If they can produce the same way this coming season as they did for the C's in 2013. Then without a doubt in my mind the Nets will beat the Heat.

KG, and Pierce have been here before. They have taken a back seat before to win a title. This is no different. I think this will free up Joe Johnson, and possibly make him a better All-Star. He's been a player that has under performed with the amount of money that he has been given to him. But I think this will be a much needed boost to his career having KG and Pierce. Williams is one of the top points in the game, and the Heat won't have an answer for him. At the end of the day. I think only health gets in the way of the Nets quest.

The Nets are older in the best possible way. The Heat squeaked by two teams on their way to a second title. The Pacers have also improve, and with Granger coming back as well. The Pacers may just beat them before the Nets do. Plus the Bulls are the x-factor in all of this. Rose will likely be back, right? He will be, but it could be a season of getting his game back, and maybe he'll come back with guns blazing.

With the Celtics reconstructing the team. Will have to hope the Pacers, or Nets knock off the Heat.

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Reply paul
7:15 AM on July 15, 2013 
I'm concerned with the Cs right now, but the Nets could be amazing.
Reply paul
7:16 AM on July 15, 2013 
Notice how guys like Deron and Chris Paul cry and demand to be surrounded with superstars, and no one calls them problem children, and no one will say that it was all the doing of the superstars around him if the Nets succeed.
Reply Franklin
1:48 PM on July 15, 2013 
Got that right Paul. Those two guys have their PR guy do bashing of their team and coach for them.
Reply paul
2:11 PM on July 15, 2013 
Franklin says...
Got that right Paul. Those two guys have their PR guy do bashing of their team and coach for them.

I love how Rondo, if he has an issue with his coach or with whomever, goes straight at them.

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