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Celtics Morning Joe: In the year 2020

Posted by shawn cassidy on August 21, 2013 at 5:00 AM

If any of you watched Conan in the late 90's, he had this bit called "In the year 2000". It was based on some odd predictions that would occur "In the year 2000". With the recent best of 2017 article, and going off the theme of yesterday. I thought I would attempt my own predictions for the year 2020. ( Note to reader, this is meant to be sarcastic, and it's probably only semi funny to me.)

In the year 2020, Glen 'Big Baby' Dais will adopt a vegan diet. Then he will lose 40 pounds, and become defensive player of the year. In the year 2020, Dwight Howard will demand a trade from the Rockets. Dwight will be traded to the Lakers the following week. In the year 2020, Miami fans will continue to walk out early when the game is actually not over. In the year 2020, David Stern will come clean that he sometimes fixed NBA games. He will then join the WWE as a writer.

In the year 2020, the worlds best scientist will inject Bird, Magic, and Jordan with an experimental drug that reverses aging. The drug isn't a band substance in the NBA at the time, and all three players sign with the Heat. In the year 2020, the Miami Heat win the NBA championship, and Jordan wins Finals MVP. In the year 2020, LBJ finally admits he's balding, and he owns up to it. In the year 2020, Derrik Rose sits out the season because he can.

In the year 2020, Ray Allen steps out of retirement so he can join the Heat with Bird, Magic, and Jordan. In the year 2020, Bob Ryan says all along that he loves Rondo, and that he was in love with him the entire time. In 2020, Doc Rivers asks to be traded to the Heat to coach Bird, Magic, and Jordan. In the year 2020, Kobe and Shaq will go on tour and sing Everly Brother songs. In the year 2020, Phil Jackson will be asked to coach the Lakers, and like the last 10 times. He will not coach the Lakers. In the year 2020, Chris Paul will retire without a ring. In the year 2020, oh you get the point...

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Reply Greg
11:03 AM on August 21, 2013 
WTF.lol! Funny
Reply paul
1:07 PM on August 21, 2013 
Love it. Only one problem. Pitino will be the one coaching Larry, Kevin and Robert, oops, I mean Larry, Magic and Michael - oh never mind...
Reply Greg
1:14 PM on August 21, 2013 
Epic stuff. In the year 2020,Lebron will be banned for life after he's caught taking PED's for the 3rd time.
Reply paul
8:57 PM on August 21, 2013 
IN the year 2525, if anyone is left alive...

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