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The first flower of spring

Posted by Morena on October 2, 2013 at 11:50 AM

Media day was the first big challenge of this year for Rondo.

In the last couple of year, everybody was waiting for him to see how he showed up in training camp, how he behaved with the media and based on that alone, they judged him deciding if he was matured enough and if was ready to lead his team. Throw in the mix an ACL injury, and you can easily imagine what he felt like on Monday.

The problem with guys like Rondo, is that you can’t trust just what he says. You have to watch him, reading him, and understand what’s true and instead where you have to look for the second meaning of his word.

I’m not claiming that I can understand Rondo better that everybody else, but at least, I try to do it.

Rondo himself said that he sets up lines that are not for everybody to cross, and that’s the same self defense that we can feel and see when he’s in public. He said he’s not bothered by what the media say, but I don’t believe it for a second. You can be brave and be true to yourself as much as possible, but if you’re able to do that, you’re gonna be bothered by other people opinion, because 99% of the time they’re gonna see you as “different”.

Rondo reminds me somehow of the first flower of spring; which is the bravest, the first to fight the cold weather. And like him, Rondo fight stereotypes. We live in a world where the most important thing seems to see the way you look. And in a world like this, you can see him standing out from the crowd, like the first flowers stand from the snow, with their delicate power against that white cover.

I was driving in my car yesterday, and a musical poem came up on the radio. I call it that way because I think it’s something more than a song. The lyrics seems to describe even better the situation, they’re like a snap –shot of our society seen from the outside:

Quiet, everyone's sleeping through life

Afraid that their questions

Just might have answers

Quiet, everyone shut off their mind

So I'll turn on mine

Quiet, we're living inside of our mouths

Afraid someone just might

Hear what we're thinking

Quiet, careful of what you might say

'Cause they'll put you away

Alone in a world with millions of souls

Walking in circles

Trapped in their dreams, unhealthy, unclean

Walking in circles now

Do not disturb, scream in silence

Everyone's sleeping

Rondo, to me, seems to be able to look things from the outside. He’s the one turning his mind on while everybody else is “sleeping”, and a lot of people just can’t see it. And if you dare to express a different opinion, they’ll just put you away. I feel like that’s exactly what the media are trying to do with him.

And like we do with the first flower, we don’t give him much hope, because it’s too cold, we already know he’s not going to survive. And we taunt him because he has been so bold to come out when it was still too cold.

What’s amazing in this situation, is that Brad Stevens just ignored all this, and went straight to Rondo. It’s like walking on burning coals on your way to your golden trophy, without feeling the heat.

I’m pretty sure that coach Stevens took even Rondo by surprise making the first step and Rondo really appreciated that. It seemed to me that he was being sincere when he was talking about Stevens, and the hope for our team suddenly blossomed when Rondo said that he’ll do whatever Stevens asks him to do because he has his full support no matter what. This was, together with Rondo’s own health, the biggest question mark coming into this season, and I think it was the most positive thing that we learned from media day. Even better is what Stevens had to say about what the Celtics will do once that Rondo comes back from his knee surgery:

“He won’t have any problem assimilating into how we play, because a lot of it is based on his strengths. He doesn’t need to fit to how I’ve played in the past. We’ll fit to him”

This is probably the best line of the whole summer.

We always said that if Rondo was going to be the leader of this team, the Celtics needed to built around him, and involve him in the choice of players and team strategy. Now, it looks like the time has come.

And I’m sure this will help Rondo a lot, and that it’s already been helping him.

The tougher part now in his road for a complete recovery, will be the mental part. And with all the doubts he will have about his knee and his leadership being alone for the first time, I can only imagine how he may feel knowing that the head coach is studying a style of play based on his strength and that he’s just waiting for him to come back because the whole team will gravitate around him.

Maybe this is finally the year when Head Coach and Point Guard will collaborate and feed off each other.

It will be a long, hard season, but let’s keep the smile on our faces ladies and gentleman, the first flower of spring doesn’t always die.


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Reply Celticslifer
1:31 PM on October 2, 2013 
Another beautiful post Morena.
Reply Morena
1:45 PM on October 2, 2013 
Celticslifer says...
Another beautiful post Morena.

Thanks Celticslifer!! :)
Reply Franklin
2:49 PM on October 2, 2013 
Rondo has been active,and I'm enjoying this side of him. He seems like he doesn't have to worry about big brothers correcting him.
Reply C'slife
1:20 AM on October 3, 2013 
"It will be a long, hard season, but let?s keep the smile on our faces ladies and gentleman, the first flower of spring doesn?t always die."
Great last line.
Reply paul
3:43 AM on October 3, 2013 
Lovely piece, Morena. You are already our best writer, no kidding, and I 'd like to think that the competition is tough, so please keep it up!!

This has been a long tough summer - so true. And suddenly, there are signs of life.
Reply Morena
9:16 AM on October 3, 2013 
paul says...
Lovely piece, Morena. You are already our best writer, no kidding, and I 'd like to think that the competition is tough, so please keep it up!!

This has been a long tough summer - so true. And suddenly, there are signs of life.

Thanks Paul, this really means a lot because I really love most of the things that you and Shawn write!!
Reply Morena
9:18 AM on October 3, 2013 
Thanks C'slife. I think it help to understand the difficult situation, but it has the right amount of hope in it
Reply paul
9:46 AM on October 3, 2013 
You are welcome, Morena - your writing strengthens this site a lot, in my opinion!

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