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If Danny wants to sign an injury prone center which one do you want?

Posted by shawn cassidy on June 11, 2011 at 11:59 PM

The center may be dead in the NBA,and in this moment and time the Celtics are really thin at center. The 2010-11 season became the year without a center. The Celtics planned it out during the summer of 2010. They wanted the biggest front line in the league. They wanted to put the Lakers on notice,and the Celtics wanted to over power teams inside. Danny and the Celtics also added Shaq to buy some time for Perk. Pretty much since game 6 of the 2010 finals the Celtics have not had a healthy center. Danny signed two former all-stars in the O'neal brothers. The O'neal's had some injury issues in the past couple of seasons,but Danny rolled the dice,and he signed the O'neal's. I thout it was a bold move,and a smart move by Danny,but that was before the Perk deal. Perk wasn't going to be 100% this whole season,and it was obvious in the Thunders playoff run. The Celtics traded Perk mainly because Shaq had a better chemistry with the big 4,and the Celtics needed to replace Daniles badly. Let's step back a moment to the chemistry that the Celtics had with Shaq. Perk had better chemistry,but Shaq had a good enough chemistry with the big 4.That's one of the reasons Danny moved Perk.

Nenad was in the deal with Green,and he was on a roll with the Celtics,but just like every other center in green this season Nenad hurt his knee,and he never really got back to his early play after the trade was made.

Shaq never got back to full health,but JO was close enough to play at least 20 minutes a night in the playoffs,and the Celtics were forced to use a 6"5 guy at center for the remainder of the game,or at times using Jeff Green at power forward,and Doc would move KG to center.

We all know the Celtics never recovered,and they lost to the Heat. God I hated saying that. I think all of Celtics nation is looking to the year 2012,and the hope of Dwight Howard coming to Boston.Of course I don't know if Danny had that in mind when he traded Perk,but Dwight is still in Orlando for at least one more season. The Celtics plan on making another title run with this old group of guys,and their young star Rondo. That means the Celtics need to find at least one good center who can give us something. That's not an easy task at all.

The question I have is? Who will Danny have play center next year? Their are two names that come up around Celtics nation. I have seen Greg Oden,and Yao Ming pop up. The two centers for the last 2-3 years have battled with career ending type injuries. Oden of course has some what of a link to the Celtics. The Celtics had a chance of landing Oden if the Celtics had finished 1 or 2 in the draft lottery. We know the Celtics don't get Oden in 2007,and the Celtics moved on quickly and built their championship team.

When you bring up Oden all you can think about is bust,and that he could have been great if he wasn't injury prone So much potential from Oden that might not be reached. I think it's possible Oden will be a solid center,but not a super star by any means. Kwame Brown has had a better career then Oden. I never thought that would be possible 4 years ago.

Oden can be a defensive factor for sure for most NBA teams,but offensively it's a work in progress with Oden. He's a risk,but if he's their for the right price? Sign him,and have the option to part ways with him if he continues to hurt his knee. When I say sing Oden. I don't expect him to start,or even by the back up center. He would be a good piece if he can get healthy.

Let's jump into Yao Ming. I think he's the more unlikely sign. He wants to stay in Houston,but the question is will Houston want him back. I don't know if Yao rather retire then give it a go with another team. Yao actually might have a more serious issue with his injury past. He's a older,and he's got a bigger body,and he's a few inches taller. His body has taken a beating longer than Oden,and Oden has barley broke a sweat compared to Yao. I would take Yao,but in the same way I would take Greg I would take Yao as a third option,and have the hope he can jump up to number two. The Celtics will need a young athletic center going into next season. How do they get that? I'm not sure,but their will be some options at center. I don't know if the Celtics sign a Center long term if they can. The only real possible way the Celtics sign a center long term? If the NBA keeps the mid-level exception. If the Celtics sign a few okay centers for short term deals. I think that means the Celtics will go after Dwight Howard once KG,and Ray are off the books.

All I can ask for next season is a healthy front line. I do hope the Celtics are able to get someone who can impact their season. I'm not sure who that center is,but I hope he can help this team have a shot at banner 18.


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