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Celtics Morning Joe: Rondo held captive

Posted by shawn cassidy on January 15, 2012 at 6:00 AM



Isolated from the world, and stuck inside your own thoughts. Knowing what life was before the lock, and key put you away in a cold unhappy cage. You once ran free in the beautiful hills with the green grass brushing on you. Filled with so much potential, living a free, and peaceful life outside your cage was a normal aspect of everything that represented you. Now the cage limits your full potential, and who your supposed to be. Rondo is like a caged lion in a zoo. Rondo once shown the freedom to run the Celtics, and it's out of his control. I have seen every game this season, and I recall Rondo being pushed into his shell by the team. Rondo set himself apart on this team, but that's not good enough. Rondo is accused of not being aggressive, and it looks like that. But Doc's game plan always has Pierce,or KG getting the ball, and taking the ball out of Rondo's hands.


Rondo's disappearing act: After back-to-back games in which he shouldered the Celtics' offensive load by attacking the rim relentlessly, Rajon Rondo was virtually invisible on Saturday night, finishing with just six points in 36 minutes. The C's point guard did dish out nine assists, but there was a noticeable difference in terms of feeling his overall impact on the game. He wasn't as aggressive in taking the ball to the rim as he was in recent games, and he deferred mainly to Pierce and Garnett. Rondo doesn't have to be Superman for the Celtics every night, but there has been very little balance for this club on the offensive end all season. In years past it wouldn't be unusual to see the likes of Garnett, Pierce, and Ray Allen all score in the 16-24 point range, while Rondo finishes his night with 10-12 points and 12 or more assists. But we haven't seen that type of balance at all this season, and that has to, at least on some level, account for Boston's overall offensive woes. Rondo's performance on Saturday isn't being highlighted strictly to criticize him, but instead to point out the Celtics' continuing inability to develop the necessary balance on the offensive end of the floor.


I disagree with Payne maybe he was watching the Patriots game. The game plan should be Rondo attack! Is it that? No it's get the ball to Pierce. Let's set up KG. I think KG looked solid in a back-to-back series, but the game plan was all wrong. I am a Doc fan, but Pierce is no longer the man, and especially right now with him being out of game shape.. Yes play him, and he will get into shape, but the ball should run through Rondo. Rondo can get anywhere on the floor when he needs to. Doc wanted Rondo to run the half court sets all night. Rondo would come up, and dump it off to Pierce. That felt like the whole night. Rondo is being held back in this system. Look at Rose. The ball is in his hands all game. Kobe, and the Lakers? Kobe has the ball in his hands. The Heat have two guys who carry the ball most of the game. Rondo must be exploding inside. He can't be himself, and it's sad.

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Reply paul
6:49 AM on January 15, 2012 
Beautifully written. This situation really is sad. Rondo has given himself for four seasons to support the Big Three. IT'S TIME FOR THEM TO RETURN THE FAVOR. That has always been the Celtics way. When it's time for a new generation to rise, the vets support that. Isn't that how we do it? Isn't that part of Celtics Pride?
Reply paul
9:38 AM on January 15, 2012 
Redsarmy had this to say today:

"Does Doc Rivers need to tailor the offense to ensure Rondo gets his looks? Tough to say. Rondo gets his opportunities in transition and when plays break down. He may benefit most when the other guys make the extra pass to find Rondo open."

To me, this is a nice example of how deeply delusional most of the Celtics blogiverse is. We already saw this with The Trade, where most of the blogiverse bought into Ainge's bs/pr hook line and sinker, as silly as it was. Now we are seeing an even more severe version in connection with the Big Three and Rondo. I think the Celtics are turning into a laughing stock around the league. During halftime of the Bulls game on Friday, Magic and the other commentators were pretty much shaking their heads and laughing almost, but sadly, about the Celtics being four old guys and Rondo, and they pretty much saw no need to say anything more than that. It's that obvious to the rest of the league that the Big Three have finally crested the hill, so to speak (with the possible exception of Ray), and that Rajon Rondo is a growing force. It's just so freaking obvious.

But here in CelticsLand people still believe that the Big Three will save us, and that Rajon Rondo can't make his own offense and depends on the Big Three to set him up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you freaking believe this stuff? It would be like if you went to the weather site on the internet and it told you that the sky is made of green cheese, and everywhere you went on the internet they reported the same thing: not only is the sky made of green cheese, but it has ALWAYS been made of green cheese.
Reply Franklin
1:45 PM on January 15, 2012 
Paul I love green cheese skies. Everyone is still hung up on Rondo because he's not a scorer like Chris Paul. But the funny is? Rondo can do more than Paul. Rondo can score, and I know believe it's out of his hands.
Reply paul
3:19 PM on January 15, 2012 
Franklin says...
Paul I love green cheese skies. Everyone is still hung up on Rondo because he's not a scorer like Chris Paul. But the funny is? Rondo can do more than Paul. Rondo can score, and I know believe it's out of his hands.

The body language I saw in the fourth quarter of the Bulls game looked to me like that of a defeated and frustrated person - not defeated by the opponent, but defeated by the way his team and his coach were holding him back.

Now maybe what I saw there was my preconception. But I don't think so. I think Shawn put it brilliantly. This kid must be seething inside. I sure as hell would be if I were in his shoes.

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