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What are Celtic fans thinking: Fans demand Rondo trade after he delivers a triple-double?

Posted by shawn cassidy on February 13, 2012 at 2:00 AM

After every game we scan all the Celtics sites, and we read how the fans feel.

arv20 "rondo is still a liabilty when he doesnt run. tonight he ran like the old rondo, i think he still needs to bring the headband to regain his true form."

Liability? I wouldn't go that far when Rondo doesn't run. He's not at his best when's not able to run, but calling him a liability is not even close to the way it is.

pennyh1111 "I love how teams try and act like they've been a powerhouse for years... Boston has naturally aged and released the strangle hold them and LA had over the NBA... Now teams trying to figure out how to win a ring, act like they already won, because of there regular season record...Win a ring first..the reality is, the new age talent is still struggling to get our old vets off the court.."


I do love the Bulls, and Heat fans reactions. They feel like the title is theirs, and that most teams can't compete. Don't get to cocky out there, because the Celtics fans have been there in the past. Going 27-2 did not mean anything in 2009. The Bulls have a major issue with the injury to Rose. It could be huge.

pennyh1111 "The key to the Celtics season is how well we utilize our young bench talent, and how much productivity we can get out of them throughout the season. I don't buy into all the media hype of who is guaranteed to play in the ECF's and finals.. there are teams that are favorites but nobody can predict how a season will end. Im sorry i know rose is great, and u cant measure a bulls defeat if he is not on the court, but that team doesn't scare me at all..I see a superstar playing with a bunch of average players and a great head coach. Boston's teams were based off of team depth to go along with our big 3.. with that said, a injury here or there could shake up everything.. I know its a long shot at this point, but can never count out the fact the Celtics know how to win, come playoff time"

I feel like one supestar can't take you all the way. Of course the Bulls are talented. But I agree with penny for the most part.

celtisfan4life "Rondo with the triple double, great win...that being said, it feels like rondo is killing pierce's offensive game, when he isnt the lineup pierce plays so much better. Part of the reason might be celtics run a lot of sets with the ball going to allen and they only go to pierce to create his own offense when all fails (besides that garnett screen near the end which is the type of play that needs to happen more often)"

I disagree, I believe it's Pierce killing Rondo's game if you want to call it that.

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Reply paul
9:54 AM on February 13, 2012 
The key still remains synergy between Rondo and Pierce. Dammit, we are LUCKY to have two such players on one team, both with the ability to wreck defenses. Now what we need, what we have so badly needed for so long, is for those two guys to find a way to get into each others heads. THAT is the X factor that can take us to a championship. If those two guys can start reading each other consistently, league, watch out...
Reply Franklin
11:10 AM on February 13, 2012 
Both players will find it. They both need each other to reach a goal.
Reply paul
11:42 AM on February 13, 2012 
Franklin says...
Both players will find it. They both need each other to reach a goal.

They do. And the goal could be, not only a championship, but truly great basketball, played at the highest possible level. Those two guys both have an uncanny something something about their games.

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