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Terry good for the Celtics

Posted by shawn cassidy on July 3, 2012 at 3:10 AM

First of all, I believe Terry re-signs with Dallas. But the rumor mills are rolling right now at the start of free agency. Some rumors had the Celtics looking at Terry if  Ray Allen packed his bags. Than a few more rumors had the Celtics looking at both Allen, and Terry, but instead of using Terry as a shooting guard, the idea was to move him to point guard. On paper it makes sense, and the Celtics would have a dynamic bench once again. Having Allen,and Terry, plus Green off the bench, and if the Celtics re-sign Bass. That could be the best scoring bench in the NBA, but as you know the Celtics have been struggling with bench scoring for awhile. They had one of the worst in the league.

Terry really adds a different element. He's no point guard, but he can handle the ball,and he can create his own shot. He can also get the ball to others. Having Terry off the bench reminds me of Sam Cassell, but Terry is so much better at the age of 34. Cassell was 39, and he was an up and down guy. Terry can still get you 20 in a half, or he can win you games.Terry was also a big scorer against the Heat in the 2011 Finals. Maybe Danny has his eye on that.

Boston Hearld

The former Mavericks shooter — the 2009 NBA Sixth Man of the Year — reportedly is open to signing for the full mid-level exception, or approximately $5 million in the first year. The Celtics, who expect to be over the salary cap, which will be set at about $56 million, would qualify.

Terry, who earned more than $11 million last year, has not ruled out playing for the full mid-level, according to a league source.

Grabbing Terry for the Mid-level is a good deal for the Celtics. Terry is a bench  player,  and he knows how to play off the bench, I would take Terry over Jamal Crawford any day of the week. Terry is a team guy, and Crawford bounces around, and it seems unclear if he can work well with others. Terry could be Rondo's best back-up in his era, but if the Celtics sign Terry. The Dooling era may come to an end. The flexing will be gone. Terry would play a big role on the Celtics. I think it will add to Rondo's rest, and to rest for even Pierce. Terry can impact the game so much with his ability to hit jumpers, and to score with a mid-range game. At the end of the day, you hope Danny adds Terry. He could be one of those under the radar signings. 

If Ray doesn't sign, Terry could be the best option, because he feels comfortable coming off the bench. But I hope the Celtics have both.


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Reply paul
7:32 AM on July 3, 2012 
I wouldn't mind, but signing Ray should be first priority.
Reply C'slife
12:52 PM on July 3, 2012 
paul says...
I wouldn't mind, but signing Ray should be first priority.

Ray can walk at this point, done with his antics.
Reply paul
1:00 PM on July 3, 2012 
I still want Ray, but I really hear you, C'slife. It's almost like he's making a petty little game out of this.

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