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Where do the Celtics go now for a backup Point Guard?

Posted by shawn cassidy on September 21, 2012 at 12:15 PM

Boston Globe

Meanwhile, Dooling informed the Celtics of his plans to retire and the club is now left without a primary by Text-Enhance">backup point guard to Rajon Rondo. Dooling had also emerged as Rondo’s mentor.

“Keyon has decided that he has given the by Text-Enhance">NBA 12 good years and that it’s time to pursue other interests and spend more time with his family,” Dooling’s representative, Kenge Stevenson, said in a statement.

The Celtics wanted Dooling to return because of his steadiness and veteran presence. Now they are seeking a replacement just a week before training camp.

Do you see any point guards out there that can be like Dooling? No, but the Celtics  need to look into briging in one more to camp. If any of you have ideas please share. Who should the Celtics look into?


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Reply Franklin
2:36 PM on September 21, 2012 
No Fisher, that's all I ask.
Reply jlil89
7:18 PM on September 21, 2012 
Alright. Time for me to share some thoughts on this startling turn of events involving Dooling's retirement. I don't post much (I read off my phone at work and I'm too lazy to post back w/o a keyboard) but I feel like sharing on this matter. Too much tension, doubt, and questions are floating about.

Yes, Keyon left us. It was a shocker to all because we saw a great spirit and energy inside the man last season that seemed to fire up this team like no other. He brought out the best in people. He was our Green Reverend... the Rondo Whisper.

He will be missed, there is no doubt about that. Yes, we lost a great veteran and motivator. Although, my opinion on this team is unchanged. I have been thinking this through all day and I am sure of it that we will be absolutely fine. I believe Keyon left for the reasons said by his agent and Danny. I just don't see it in Keyon Dooling to leave on a bad note to hurt Boston. He was a family man with a heavy outlook on religion. It does not seem in the slightest his character would put us in a bad situation. He cares about this team and I truly think he developed a special bond with Rondo and helped him become a better man. I think it is not coincidental that Darko is in and then moments later Dooling calls it quits. Have we forgotten about our rookies? Kris Joseph and Dionte Christmas would have to fight for that last spot if Dooling was still on this roster.

I don't know about you but I was having a TOUGH time knowing that one of them was not going to make it. These two have heart, desire, and motivation to be the best they can be to help this team succeed. Has Dooling not been doing some charity work and such with these guys? Has he not been to a few practices with them? I firmly sense that Dooling felt it would be best for the team to have the both of them, youngsters blossoming with talent, to be a part of the roster. To be a Boston Celtic.

Keyon has had his time and experiences with the NBA, perhaps he did not want one of these rookies to miss out on something special. And who is to say he really is gone? I am sure he will still offer sound advice for Rondo. He may even make appearances with the team throughout the season and/or playoffs. Hell.... he could join Doc's coaching staff. My point is, there is no way this one thing in such an EXCELLENT off season has suddenly made it not. This could very well be a good thing that have yet to fully understand at this moment.

One more thing... how about JET? Why are we discounting this man's credibility to fit the same persona of Dooling. Maybe not the exact same but damn near close to it. Both religious, both good people, both motivational... however, there is one thing that Dooling lacked that Terry has. That killer instinct. We all know too damn well what Terry did to LA and MIA during his championship year in Dallas. This man will talk smack with brimming confidence and back it up by destroying you in the wake of big moments.

And I know we have not forgotten that this same man stated a few months ago that he envisioned himself wearing green while we were fighting with all our strength to take out the enemy Heat. He wants to be a Celtic. He wants to BLEED green. And best of all HE WANTS to play with Rondo unlike that cowardly bitch Ray Allen. JET called Rondo the BEST point guard in the entire NBA. Not CP3, not Rose, not D Will.... RONDO baby!

Point being, Dooling did a tremendous job stabilizes Rondo and making him a much better man in handling himself like I said earlier. He has molded our PG into a better professional athlete. Everybody on here has seen how much more mature Rondo has grown since. And it's especially nice to see proof on that based on this summer's off season. Rondo is primed and ready to go. He is focused. Now it is JET's turn to pick up where Dooling left off and mold Rondo into the mindset of a cold blooded killer. Feed him that killer instinct to take Rondo to the next level. There is no doubt in my mind we will see a fantastic duo between the two. Terry is the exact opposite of RayRay's poor attitude towards this team and it's multi-talented PG. This alone will bring more out of Rondo because he does not have to tend to someone else's selfish feelings and unwillingness. Terry is game and he is ready to hit the court with the BEST PG in the NBA!!!


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