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Celtics Morning Joe: Rondo wants another record

Posted by shawn cassidy on November 18, 2012 at 5:00 AM

"He was actually mad about the 20 assists," said Lee. "He felt like he could have got 30 tonight."

Rondo was  going to prepare  a work of art so great that few have seen. Exceeding all of what  Rondo's  tried to create in the past. Way beyond that of the usual and what is real, surpassing the contemporary, and surreal.Rondo loves assists more than an alcoholic loves the next bottle of booze. I think out of any stat assists show how committed you are to winning, and being a team player.

I don't think we've seen a point guard since Magic that Rondo can be compared to. Stockton didn't have the same creativity. Stockton was disciplined, but nowhere near Rondo's flair for the game. Rondo carries the same  control over everything like Magic. The two best at managing players on the court. 

I will have to think how large Rondo's canvas should be. So that it can show everything that I see. Perhaps I should begin it on a grain of sand by using a microscope and a steady hand. Rondo had some Einstein type passes Saturday morning, or afternoon. 

I was getting the feeling that Rondo wants to show his true color as an artist. And  to expose us to humanity. Rondo keeps   giving a new meaning to the tremendous players in history.

"I've said that from Day 1 that he's the best point guard in this league," said Terry. "This year he's definitely going to be in the talks when they're talking about MVP, if we can continue to win. The way he controls the game, his leadership, his ability to dominate the game on both ends of the floor is what makes him special."

Rondo didn't score a lot, but he scored when he had to. Plus Rondo controlled the game, and could have gotten 30 assists last night if he wanted to. Rondo has put his foot in the door for MVP. The Celtics need to put a string of games together that sets Rondo apart. It's a long season, and Rondo has already battled injuries. But Rondo seems to have tunnel vision. MVP's mean nothing without a ring. Rondo understands what it means to be a winner. He understands how to struggle. Rondo is Rondo, and he's the hope we need.

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Reply paul
8:08 AM on November 18, 2012 
The video from last night's game is so amazing. Yes, the defense we played was really terrible, and Rondo was right that he could have had 30. I'm glad he keeps pushing that way. He knows we won't be where we can be until a game like that becomes a bigger blowout faster. But wow, you could see the Cs, including the new guys, finding their way into that zone where they understand each other, and most importantly, they understand Rondo. That word "trust" comes to my mind again. Not so much execution as trust. You can see that Terry's regard for Rondo isn't just words. You could see in the plays last night that he trusted Rondo to get him the ball in the right place to shoot, and he took care of the rest.

To me the most creative point guard of all time was Cousy, because he really defined the position of point guard, changing the NBA's way of thinking, and more importantly, Red's way of thinking, which was no slight feat. Magic is the second. But if Rondo keeps growing, he may surpass both. When he is on fire, he has the whole game on a string more than any player I've ever seen. I keep comparing him to Bobby Orr. There's that same sense that here is someone with a completely different vision of the game, and an ability to control what everyone else is doing by the way he moves the pieces on the chessboard, and thinks ahead. And you see with Rondo that the defense often reacts with that crazy panic that you see in the old films of Orr. You see three or four guys converge on Rondo, even though they have to know that it makes no sense. But what's also important is that Rondo's teammates are starting to respond and cut and spot up. If you have a guy on your team who draws the ENTIRE ATTENTION of the other team, much of your offense should play off that guy, and all four other players on the floor with Rondo have to realize that what they do off the ball is as important as what Rondo is doing. Wilcox gets it. Bass got it when he saw that the whole D was paying attention to Rondo in the late seconds of the Chicago(?) game, and he snuck down to the baseline for Rondo's pass and the clinching slam. When Rondo has the ball and is on the attack, standing around is the last thing any Celtic should do, unless they are spotting up.

What this team showed against the Nets is that they are a real team without Rondo, and a strong one. What they need to show now is that they can be a truly great team with him.
Reply Franklin
11:54 AM on November 18, 2012 
I think they wrote a wrong durning the game. The Celtics could have pulled away in the first half,but they let the Raptors back in. They wised up,and pulled off Gino time.
Reply Morena
12:37 PM on November 18, 2012 
Watching Rondo play is become every day more amazing.
Sometimes it seems like he can see the world in slow motion while he can move at normal speed; as Doc once said, ?It?s just rhythm for him. It?s not tempo. It?s not even a pace, I can?t explain what it is.?
Sometimes it's like he's in his own dimension, He really reminds me of an artist that is creating a masterpiece.
Reply paul
7:37 PM on November 18, 2012 
No fooling around tonight, hopefully. Just masterstrokes!

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