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A fans rant about effort

Posted by shawn cassidy on December 19, 2012 at 7:15 AM

Why do I feel like this? A sudden onset of an empty mind. Circling my own minds thoughts over and over again like a shark seeing a tourist floating near by.  A quiet and peaceful outer-shell, drifting effortlessly within the stream. I feel like fishing at this moment. Will anything bite? For some, they find peace in fishing. But I feel like I'm fishing for answers with this team.

A feeling of being held between two unyielding hindrances. The points in the paint, and life without a big man. Everything they've always ached and craved, Is everything that the Celtics  have lacked for the past two seasons. 

Although the Celtics are  slowly collapsing under strain. I find some sort of satisfaction in knowing that I have absolutely no thought where to go. What's this team about. Rondo? He's having a great season, but nobody seems to follow his lead. We have KG right behind him, but KG is limited more than ever. No more than 30 minutes a night, and sometimes less.

Carried among a crowd of faith, An effortless extension of my heart, my arms, my love of this team. Effortless, utterly… Effortless. I believe, but I don't. The Celtics have learned what?  Nothing as it seems. Steps back that shouldn't be. A part of me feels for Rondo. He's in a tough spot. Pierce, and KG are great for their age. But I think it's obvious that they are not the same. Not by much, but the signs are showing.

Were also stuck with Green, and Bass for right now. The Celtics have talent, but when it comes down to it. Rondo is missing out on better talent around him.The potential hasn't been reached by three of the young guys that are supposed to support Rondo. Lee, Bass, and Green are up, and down.

Blades of grass stand like the trees that oversee the fields of green. They absorb and grow away from the rotten earth it seems rain and wind torment the mind.  A least to breed and maniplulate thee heat from solar flares dare to stare on the soldiers of freedom convinced to seed and breed. Nothing seems to go right. The Celtics have a couple of wins this season to be proud of. But that's about it.

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Reply paul
7:58 AM on December 19, 2012 
What kills me is that, the way things are going, this is surely KG's last season. What a horrible way for it to end. And I'm sorry, but I blame a lot of this on Doc. Where was the plan? Danny made the moves,. Rondo got ready to lead. KG and Pierce came in ready to play along. What did Doc do? What the hell was Doc thinking all summer? How did he adjust to the changed talent, aside from this horrible 'small ball' crap? Where is the pressure from the guards? Where is the up-tempo offense? Where is the creative approach built around the astonishing talents of our best player? What killed me last night was that even after Rondo tore the Bulls D to shreds with his shooting and his penetration, his teammates didn't seem to respond by cutting and spotting up effectively. What the hell is wrong with this team? Why do they stand around? They have way more talent this year than they had last year. Way more. When Sully's shot is blocked, something we know is going to happen on a regular basis until he figures it out, why does the other team always get the ball? Every loose ball goes to the other team, in general. When KG goes off the floor, we automatically start losing ground, and when Rondo goes out, it's Katy Bar the Door. Then it's catchup the rest of the way. What an astounding and unpleasant mess. But what I come back to is WHERE WAS THE PLAN, DOC?
Reply Franklin
12:01 PM on December 19, 2012 
This is Docs fault. How's this team not in shape? Too many days off? Rest KG,and Pierce,but make sure were in shape. Doc is weird. He's too much of a players coach at times.
Reply Morena
2:23 PM on December 19, 2012 
I noticed that Rondo played a few minutes compared to his standards, I wonder if it's because he was playing at high energy attacking the basket or if Doc was just worried about the back to back and wanted to avoid him getting tired like last week.

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