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Rondology: Facing the Dream Crusher

Posted by paul on January 1, 2013 at 6:45 AM

I speculated recently that part of the reason for Rondo's horrible game against the Clippers might be that he is hearing through the grapevine that he is being shopped.  I saw that as an obvious thing to suppose, given his struggles this year, and given his history with the team and Danny's trade addiction, and Danny's continuing unwillingness to admit that he made a heinous mistake when he traded Perkins, especially considering the timing.  Now at least one source appears to substantiate that...


Rondo's lack of competitive fire in that game was so glaring that there almost had to be a reason.  Hell, after that horrible game, I wanted to trade him too.  Call that possibly a self-fulfilling prophecy, in a way.  If the Cs brass are looking to trade Rondo, they may be precipitating exactly the kind of breakdown in his play that in turn makes a trade seem justified.

Quietly Celtics brass have had an inner conflict regarding Rondo, blaming him for the departure of Ray Allen. The celtics had long term plans for Allen including number retirement and a front office position. 

Apparently, too, the power struggle between Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo continues behind the scenes, with the Ray Allen bs machine having caught many dupes in its gooey coils.  Life is full of puddles, ponds and oceans of oozing smarm, which snare many.  The real struggle of life does not take place on a basketball court, but can be reflected on the basketball court, the struggle to truly be oneself.   KG seemed to speak to this:

"These are dog days," Garnett said. "This is really where you really see who's with you. Ain't nobody cheering, ain't no lights on us and I love this right now. Because this is where all the plastic people melt right here."


"We built something here," Garnett said. "I'm not living in the past or nothing, but the reason why guys came back ... is because of what we built here and what we're known for, to defend. For some reason we got away from that, so we have to go back to our origins and figure it out."




I was astounded when I read these words.  To me, this is true eloquence, a rare thing in any walk of life.  This is a man of great wisdom, speaking about life itself.  I think KG is saying that something special was created here, something that was never just about basketball, something that Ray Allen apparently never understood, and something that those who continue to long for Ray Allen apparently never understood.   It all comes to a point where they don't matter.  Let Danny heat up the phone lines.  He can't help himself.  Now is the time to make a statement about who you are as a basketball player, and who you are as a person, a statement that matters to you, and to your teammates, and to fans with eyes to see and hearts to feel.

I think he's speaking to Rondo most of all.  I think he's speaking to the fans, and to the entire team, but most of all to Rondo.  At some point, it comes down to deciding who you really are as a basketball player, and then being that on the court.  In the end, it's between you and yourself.  Every creative person has these moments.   It's just you and that echoing question:  what am I going to do?  When you are at that point where the cheering has stopped, and even the boos seem far away, and you can hear the echoes of every thought within you:  what will you do?

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Reply Greg
6:15 PM on January 1, 2013 
I think he's talking about Rondo as well. Rondo trade talks happen,because he's the mos desired player on the Celtics.
Reply paul
6:26 PM on January 1, 2013 
Hopefully he'll make a new start soon, reestablishing himself. I think this team will rise up again.
Reply Celticslifer
7:39 PM on January 1, 2013 
paul says...
Hopefully he'll make a new start soon, reestablishing himself. I think this team will rise up again.

I love your faith Paul. How much longer though. I want to buy in again.
Reply paul
6:37 AM on January 2, 2013 
Celticslifer says...
I love your faith Paul. How much longer though. I want to buy in again.

Well, honestly, at this point I'm just having the kind of faith you have when your initial hopes are dead and gone! I know Rondo is capable of much more, as is the team, but God only knows what will happen. Recent articles suggest the new players don't care. Makes it sounds like Danny made another big mistake when he got rid of Pietrus and Steimsma, though they also seem to have wanted too much money.
Reply paul
6:41 AM on January 2, 2013 
The nice thing about acceptance is that you get to have hope. Expectation is replaced with hope. it's a much calmer attitude!

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