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Pierce, and KG called upon to do the impossible

Posted by shawn cassidy on January 29, 2013 at 1:40 AM

Boston had a Big Four, and this season it was down to the Big Three once again. The odds of the Celtics winning a banner are nearly impossible you could say. The struggle to overcome the difference between the impossible and the possible. Hidden inside like a fatal wound in the mind. Encouragement has been playing the role of happiness for now.

Day-Dreamers can hardly take the challenge of reality. In fact everything is possible on this earth. For will power we just need to know our range. How can this team maximize every single player to make-up for Rondo? It's not possible because Rondo is a top ten player in the NBA, at least in my eyes. He is one of ten All-Star starters this season, so that's say something.

Fake or real Possibilities can change the Impossible. Then again to eject the impossibilities isn’t always good. Have to have patience not being over confident. Over confidence right now is a form of not letting go, but also an actual possibility. I have confidence in this team. I won't give up on a Celtics team. Just not in my blood, but I also have lower expectations for this team. 

How can this fight be worth fighting? When the task seems impossible? It's what makes life essentially life. Like Doc said "you can write this teams obituary, but I won't."

The impossible rests on the shoulders of KG, and Pierce. It comes down to luck, and how much they actually have left. Their leadership skills, and motivation skills will be tested. Can they get Green, and Bradley to higher levels.

Boston Herald

If done right — and it’s not like Rivers hasn’t been requesting this for months, so what are the odds it happens now? — the C’s could become a better regular-season team. That is, more apt to play as hard or harder than opponents, which is what guarantees you a large handful of wins in today’s NBA. (Hey, the Heat didn’t lose to the Pistons and Wizards this season because the Pistons and Wizards are better.)

But even under the best of circumstances, the Celts know that life will change in the playoffs. There, games often come down to a handful of possessions, and Rondo just happens to be one of the best in the league at making a play, at creating points or defense out of thin air. Yes, Rivers would have slept better if his point guard didn’t go for so many steals when stay-in-front-of-your-man defense would have made him a stopper nonpareil.

But even in his second NBA season, Rondo proved he understood the concept of big-game basketball.

The Celtics may very well be a better team in the regular season, but who could step up in the postseason? Pierce at the age of 35? KG at the age of 36, turning 37 in May? Unlikely, but you just don't know. You got to play the games,and this team loves to fight, and they the underdog label. I think this season will be a season to remember, For all of the good, and bad moments.


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Reply paul
6:54 AM on January 29, 2013 
I just keep thinking about what could have been. Why didn't Rondo play harder more consistently? Why didn't the team respond to his leadership? Will Rondo come back strong, and if he does, will it be to the Cs? If this team plays better without him, will there be a role for him in the future? I think they WILL play better. It would be hard for them to play worse. They'll play better.
Reply Franklin
1:18 PM on January 29, 2013 
Rondo will come out of this stronger. He loves the challenge. He has time to think about his mistakes as a leader.

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