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The Good,the Bad,and the Ugly: Game 46 against the Magic

Posted by shawn cassidy on February 2, 2013 at 6:00 AM

The Good

Celtics passing the ball as a team

Honestly the Celtics have no choice but to move the ball around. They have nobody who can truly handle he point guard position. Pierce is the closest thing they have to that. Rondo created did have the ball a lot, but he also created a lot of shots, and he set up others even without passing the ball. The Celtics had their third best assist total of the season with 30 helpers. The Celtics need to keep the ball movement. Paul Pierce can't get hero ball in his mind, and honestly I think he's become timid with his slump. The Celtics just need to keep the ball moving, and they need to push they ball like they have. 

Defense has risen once again

The Celtics have allowed just 82.5 points per game in the past two games. The C's held the Magic to 3-of-19 shooting from three for 15.8%. That's remarkable since the Magic have three-point shooting all over. Redick especially. The Magic made only 37% of their shots, and the Celtics made everything tough forcing 14 turnovers, and with 5 blocks along with 9 steals. This is the staple, and the team has improved, and I know the media, and others may point at Rondo again. But the Celtics have played great during stretches with Rondo in the lineup. We must remember it was against the Magic.

The Bad

Need more shots

The Celtics attempted 84 shots compared to Orlando's 95. That's mainly because the Magic won the offensive glass 15-10. It''s Doc's defensive philosophy. But they still need to close the gap. They will get extra shots with forcing turnovers, and they did a fine job of that Friday, but they need to get more shots. The good news is that they made 50% of the shots they attempted. 

Bass has no room to talk

 I have been a Bass hater all season. Last season I loved what he brought in light of what Baby was. In the past week Bass has bitched about Rondo. But instead of holding himself accountable for his own game. He says Rondo ignored him. Rondo didn't look for Sully. Jared made his own shots from hustle plays, and offensive rebounding. Bass can't rebound, and he's limited to shooting jumpers. At times he can score in the paint, or he'll grab an offensive rebound, but not enough. He was a lousy 2-of-6 Friday, and he can't blame Rondo for that.

The Ugly

No rim help

The Celtics have no help at the rim outside of KG. Wilcox is okay, and Collins tries. Bass gets the floor time, and he's not at Sully's level who as you know is done for the season. Pierce was awesome with a third straight double digit rebounding game. He had 11 against the Magic. The Celtics as a team allowed 52 points in the paint. That's my biggest issue with this team on the defensive end. It's one of the biggest reasons why the Heat beat us. James, and Wade have nobody fouling, or guarding the rim. If the Celtics even get that far. They'll hopefully have Green, and Bradley to stop the penetration, or at least they'll slow it down. But when they get to the rim. The C's must have someone to help.

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Reply paul
7:40 AM on February 2, 2013 
I said last summer that for this team to thrive, the guards had to play tough, aggressive defense. I called on Rondo to lead the way. Instead, Rondo did the exact opposite. That is where my disappointment with Rondo is keenest. We see now how important a bad decision by Rondo that was. We are still weak up front, but the tough guard play is taking the pressure off the bigs.
Reply Greg
1:05 PM on February 2, 2013 
The celtics keep giving up too much in the paint I agree with that. What is the Celtics going to the hoop.

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