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A tired mind

Posted by shawn cassidy on February 12, 2013 at 1:45 AM


It felt like my eyes turned into sunsets. They closed with a feeling of disbelief. When you looked at Barbosa on the ground, and when he couldn't muster enough strength to get up. You could just tell. You could  feel the vibe rushing through. When you’re tired. You get this feeling, when you can’t keep your eyes open, or you can’t walk anymore. I'm so sick,  and tired of all this. I have a tired mind, and the dreams that were planted into our minds seem farther away. I'm so sick and tired of all this bleeding. Another beginning, another day. Close my eyes until the world turns blank redeeming only what others cannot save.

I'm tired of thought, and things of thought, and tired of thinking too, and would rather sleep away the pain that has this season on the brink of even more turmoil. The likely hood of a Celtics title  died in my eyes when the Celtics lost Rondo, but when you add in two more injuries to Sully, and likely Barbosa out for the season. You just get that feeling that it's not the Celtics year. On the other hand. The Celtics are still extremely talented, and you get the feeling they want to fight. The question seems to be this. Can Ainge sign any other players out there? Who they hell is out there? The Celtics have a mountain to climb, and without bodies. It's not possible. 

Pain, hope, anger. Tired, fear, lost. The pain within is only ours to bare. The hope is our mind playing tricks on us. The anger is finding there is no life when their should be. The fear of losing.The lost.. Pain consumes the world. Hope is lost anger is held high, and I'm  tired  as always with this. Fear consumes our minds.Lost is all our hopes. Pain can not beat us. Hope still shines the smallest ray of light. Anger is controlled, and fear minimized. The unknown is scary, and right not Barbosa is an unknown factor for the Celtics. I will go down with this team, and I will be apart of this culture that has so many of us in love with this team. The team is without my deepest love of the team, and that's Rondo. But I have found something with this team, and frankly that's all because of KG's leadership.

I have a tired mind.  And it's another moment of adversity that has defined this season. It's a world that lends us no help, and no mercy.

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Reply C'slife
3:02 AM on February 12, 2013 
A good read.
Reply paul
7:48 AM on February 12, 2013 
Nice piece. This team will forge on.
Reply Greg
1:34 PM on February 12, 2013 
Agreed nice piece,and the team will pick up the pieces.
Reply paul
5:46 PM on February 12, 2013 
Greg says...
Agreed nice piece,and the team will pick up the pieces.

They will.

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