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Rebirth from ashes

Posted by Morena on March 20, 2013 at 5:50 PM

Today it finally feels like the first day of Spring.

And no, not just because it’s the 21st of March; but instead, thanks to Danny Ainge interview.

We’ve spent the last couple of months, (just a couple of month since Rondo injury, it feels like years) reading article where it was clear that Rondo was going to be traded, because the Celtic team is so much better without him, that there’s no way they’ll want him back. We’ve read that he is a cancer, that he’s selfish and he plays for stats too much, and that he was the reason why the Celtics struggled this year.

I’ve never doubted Rondo. I can see he made mistakes, even big mistakes from time to time. But who doesn’t? I can see he’s stubborn, way too stubborn sometimes. But he’s not the first one.

I’ve never had reasons to doubt him and his talent. But after two months of dark, even the brightest light gets tired of shining if it’s left alone.

As I once said, I believe that if you’re able to win him over, you will get the whole Rondo-package. And I think the Celtic organization was really able to get inside of Rondo. He can be difficult, but I see him as a very loyal person. Loyalty seems like a really underestimated quality today.

I still don’t understand how half of the players on this team was able, for the first part of the year, to go out on the field wanting to lose. Or at least, not wanting to win. Rondo struggled to become the leader of this team, that’s for sure; and I can understand that someone may have had problem with his personality. But where was their loyalty to the team? What about the fans? And the whole Celtics organization!! Danny Ainge brought them here during the summer for a reason.

That’s what makes you see the selfishness in one player. Not the fact that he notches triple doubles.

I still can’t forgive this lack of loyalty. I can’t understand how you can not play for the win.

We’ve seen Rondo play bad games, games when he just didn’t seem committed enough, but I’m sure there’s something more behind the curtains during those games. Not necessarily something big, because Rondo is a really, really emotional person, and when you’re feelings take over and you’re not able to stop them in time, you can easily drown in a glass of water. I still can’t forget Garnett saying that some games, Rondo shouldn’t even have played. Like the Sacramento game (where he had a bad game if I remember well) Garnett said that after the game they looked at each other and he told Rondo “What are you doing?” because he played injured, and most of us didn’t even know. And many didn’t even care. They just kept criticizing Rondo, because no matter what he does, he’s never good enough.

Well, I’ll take his loyalty and his desire to win every day, because as Kobe Bryant said, that’s what makes the heart of a champion. You can be sure that no matter what happens, that player is gonna play for the win. He won’t care about pain, he won’t care about what media have to say. He will just fight through injury, he will fight through injustice, and he will be as professional as he can be towards teammates he doesn’t get along with. He will give you everything for the win. And that’s all you can ask from your player.

And that’s what makes him special.

I remember one of my friend asking me once: “How can you love it so much? It’s just a sport” And my answers was: “How can you call it just a sport? It made me happy, it excited me, it made me tense, it made me hurt, cry, it made me want to dream, fight and never give up”.

And that’s exactly what Rondo was able to give me. That’s why he’s so important to me.

That’s why I was so happy today when Danny Ainge backed him up.

It was like the sun coming out after a long, long storm. Like the first, shy flower that opens up to the blue sky. Like a phoenix reborn from his ashes.

Now I see that the light didn’t stop shining. I just closed my eyes.

Hope is still there, and training camp is not that far away.

I will follow with interest the season of this Celtics team, but I can’t deny that my attention is mostly concentrated toward Rondo’s return. Now I know that basketball won’t be just a sport.

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Reply C'slife
12:07 AM on March 21, 2013 
Love this.. Keep on writing Morena.

"I remember one of my friend asking me once: ?How can you love it so much? It?s just a sport? And my answers was: ?How can you call it just a sport? It made me happy, it excited me, it made me tense, it made me hurt, cry, it made me want to dream, fight and never give up?.

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