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Should Wade be suspended for this elbow in game 2?

Posted by shawn cassidy on May 26, 2013 at 12:55 AM

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Wade can add another hit to his list. I highly doubt he's suspended for this elbow to the head of Stephenson. David West had a questionable play as well, but his was off of a pick,compared to Wade flying at some guys head. Dirty players, compared to being tough. If Wade is suspended then the league will earn some respect. Otherwise the league that I love will be even more ridiculous.

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NBA vice president Stu Jackson is reviewing several plays for possible discipline from Friday's Game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals.

Specifically, the league is believed to be reviewing an elbow Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade gave to Indiana Pacers guard Lance Stephenson in the second half of the Pacers' 97-93 win.

Wade collided with Stephenson running back on defense after turning over the ball. Stephenson crashed to the court on the play, though it was unclear whether the hit was intentional.

Several other plays are under review, including a blow the Pacers' David West gave to Mario Chalmers in the third quarter.

Neither play was called a foul during the game by officials.

It is possible the league could assess a flagrant foul, a fine or a suspension, or do nothing.

After Game 1, the league issued a retroactive flagrant foul to the Pacers' Ian Mahmini.

Earlier this season, Jackson suspended Wade retroactively for a hit on Charlotte Bobcats guard Ramon Sessions. There was no foul initially called on that play.

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Reply paul
7:59 AM on May 26, 2013 
What on earth is there to say? One can sort of understand the refs not calling the foul, though not really, because Wade has become adept at hiding his savage attacks, but how long will it be before Wade's play forces other players to retaliate, and is that what the league wants? Does the league actually WANT basketball to turn into cage match fights? Wade studies martial arts. It's absolutely clear that he uses these skills on the basketball court. Watching the announcers and reading descriptions of what happened where a big point is made to pretend that there is any doubt as to whether Wade's Big Hit was accidental says a lot about our society. These talking heads and 'journalists' lie to our faces and we say "thankyou very much!" We collude in our own befuddlement. You don't crush someone in the head with a flying elbow accidentally. Who leads with their elbow when trying to leap past another player? Is that a natural movement to make? Of course it's not. If you watch any of Wade's moves, it's perfectly clear that it's not accidental. Hurling Rondo to the floor with a freaking leg sweep. Raking Rondo's face on a drive to the basket. Whacking Kobe on the nose in an allstar game, when everyone slacks on D, but Wade just HAD to do his patented reach over the shoulder and whack the guy play. Running down a smaller guy from behind on the open court and sending him flying. Kicking a guy in the groin. Out of these plays, the only ones that one can say wasn't intentional with the slightest plausibility are the two rake-the-face-over-the-shoulder plays, and to make that ridiculous claim, you have to resort to claiming that instead of being intentional, the two plays were just crazily reckless, which is hardly any better. How many games did Rondo get for playing patty cake with Kris Humphries? Wade needs a multiple game suspension. He needs a five game suspension. You can kill someone with an elbow to the temple. Why did Artest get five games for a lesser hit? Artest didn't fly at Harden.

And it's always from behind. Always from behind. I say this: anyone who loves sportsmanship has to pull hard for the Pacers now. As for the League, if they don't give Wade five games, then they really are just as low as rasslin.
Reply paul
8:10 AM on May 26, 2013 
I said that Wade has become adept at hiding his attacks - yes, you could say that about the way they look in real time - though not really - but there is no excuse whatever for pretending that one doesn't see how vicious and malicious they are when you are able to see them in slow motion, which the announcers, 'journos' and league officials can do. No one who isn't malicious leaps past a guy and just happens to plant an elbow into their forehead.

And the reactions of the people Wade hits are telling. When KG 'hits' a guy, as when he 'balltapped' Chandler Frye, the guy has to remember to act hurt, and even so KG gets raked over the coals for his supposedly dirty play. Wade's victims don't have time to pretend. They are stunned, in pain, trying to remember where they are at, etc..

And watch the body language too. Notice the way Wade struts after a big hit. He pretends he didn't do anything, but he can't hide the strut even so.

Fans can stop this, but they have to want basketball not to degenerate. At this point, indications are that the fans like the cage match approach to basketball. Wade really ought to be suspended for a year at this point. He has done this how many times now? Rondo twice. Kobe once. Sessions once. D.J. Augustine once (?). Now this one. And how many others have their been? All clearly malicious, all clearly dangerous. I don't recall EVER seeing anyone play the way Wade does. A clear stand needs to be taken by the league that if you play like a thug, you don't play in the NBA, no matter how great a player you are. But see, the league is more interested in punishing Rondo because he doesn't bow down to them. See where their priorities are? Malicious violence they condone. Any sign of independent will, they crush.
Reply paul
8:29 AM on May 26, 2013 
I say suspend Wade for five games now, and make it explicit that if he commits another assault, he's out of the game for a year.
Reply Greg
12:06 PM on May 26, 2013 
Wade is a thug despite his cookie cutter image. He's the worst kind. Metta World Peace would get the ax for like five games. Grow a pair NBA. Paul great words.
Reply Celticsz
12:09 PM on May 26, 2013 
I agree the action is so fast I could see why the missed it. But the league now has the tape,and what Wade did was unecessary. That should get at least two games. Just because of his track record.
Reply paul
5:25 PM on May 26, 2013 
Greg says...
Wade is a thug despite his cookie cutter image. He's the worst kind. Metta World Peace would get the ax for like five games. Grow a pair NBA. Paul great words.

With Metta, it was the crazy action of a moment. One can sort of understand that. What Wade does is so calculated.
Reply paul
5:27 PM on May 26, 2013 
Celticsz says...
I agree the action is so fast I could see why the missed it. But the league now has the tape,and what Wade did was unecessary. That should get at least two games. Just because of his track record.

And darnit a warning that next time it's a year. This has to stop. Tell Wade he can come back when he's ready to play basketball.

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