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The talkin' box score: Boston Celtics - Brooklin Nets 80-82

Posted by Morena on October 16, 2013 at 5:15 AM

For many people, this was probably not an easy game. Probably not for me as a young fan, but I can understand that it must be a little strange when you hear “Paul Pierce with the bucket” and you see on the box score the Brooklin Nets points increase by two.

But I agree with Shawn when he says that it's time to move on. I'm happy with the team we've got.


It was a close game, that was decided by a couple of free throws with 15 seconds left.

The numbers don't say anything different: same defensive rebounds, same offensive rebounds, almost the same turnovers. But there were stats that were all for the Celtics, and that make me very happy. First of all, a good number of fast break point. I can see energy, and a lot of will in those 18 fast break points. Rondo as always been our one-man fast break, I can only imagine the damage he can do to other team if he has the right support around him!!

Second, a nice number of steals. Then again, some good, scrappy basketball. Where I live we say “bite their wrists”. Well, that's exactly how I want my team to play. I want them to bite the opponents' wrists, I want to see pressure on the defense and on the offense, I want to see passion. Because we may not be the best, but if we are the most intense, we can still win.


There were some weird stat in yesterday game. For example, I couldn't believe Sully's line: 2 assist, 3 personal foul, 3 steal (!), 3 turnovers and NO rebounds. While it's nice to see the three steals from our big man, I couldn't believe to see Sullinger with no rebounds. It's almost like Rondo not having an assist!! That's usually his signature stat. I can only wander it was a though game for him.

At the five position, we had a solid game from Humphries. Even if I still don't completely like him, he had a great shooting night, and also the rebounding was good. Off the glass we can keep our hopes also for rookie Faverani, who played just a few minutes but still managed to grab 4 rebounds.


At the forward position it was an up and down night. Jeff green had a good shooting night, but his rebounding is still very disappointing and he also had too many turnovers. Bass instead was the opposite: just 5 points but he finally established his presence off the glass, especially on the defensive end where the lack of a big man often killed us.

Kelly was having a good night, especially on the shooting side, but he fouled out for the first time in his young career. I'm not surprise by this. Rookie players usually pay the price of their lack of experience when it comes to foul. The same thing happened with Sully last year.


It was a strange night also for our shooting guard. Lee numbers looks pretty good, with the exception of the lack of assists, and the shooting percentage. He had 14 points, but with a 4for13 shooting. He was the guy, together with Bradley, that attempted the most shots, and combined, the went 6for26 with a 23% shooting percentage. That's not exactly what you expect from your shooting guards. The fact that they attempted the most shots, means also that they were pretty involved on the offensive end, but they had just 3 assist combined, and all of them were from Bradley. We always said that with Rondo out, we have to play a more choral style of basketball, moving the ball and keeping everyone involved. I just hope we keep this up and we don't begin some hero-basketball that we had the chance to see too many time in the past couple of years.

It even looks like we tried to play a classic basketball style, with Crawford as a point guard, who had 6 assists, good, but also 5 turnovers, ouch!!.


To Bradley's credit, you have to appreciate the 9 rebounds, but then again, I don't really like to see our shooting guard as a rebounding leader.


While the offense was obviously down with a team shooting percentage of 35%, our defense seemed to be pretty good, as we were able to keep the Nets at the same shooting percentage.


The first game with the Nets it's something I was looking forward too. With the pressure the media put on both team for the trade, I think for the players it was like lifting a weight from their shoulders. Too me, I realized I'm looking with the same hunger at tonight game against Toronto.

I want to win every night.


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Reply Greg
1:06 PM on October 16, 2013 
I want to win every night too. It was a small weight,but the game in Boston is the one that matters.

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